Film Production 
/ Motion Pictures

  • Flexible purpose driven film platform that supports all needs on location: film platform, set, prop, galley, refueling, honey wagon at sea, dry camera repair bench, ferry of either cargo or people… all logistics in one.

Wide flush decks= aft:  18ft x 8ft, bow 16ft x 6ft + extra platform on nets.
  • Side decks are over 2ft clearance between cabin and lifelines.
  • 4 camera platforms at 3 levels  (1ft , 6ft and 9ft above water line).
Versatility for rigging gear and for creating other heights.
 Flush decks can accommodate cameras on tracks.
  • Multiple inset tie downs + customization according to project’s needs.
  • Removable 42inch lifelines and stanchions.
  • Special ergonomic design and construction of decks with non-skid finish for the non-marine movie crew on both decks and hand-holds.
  • Extra wide stairs for ease of movement with equipment and pelican cases in cabin.
  • Wind protected cockpit.
  • Can accommodate up to 20 crew with cameras and gear.
  • 2 pilot stations: one raised outdoor, one full navigation station indoor.
  • Precise remote steerage capabilities.
  • Can make a full 360 degree turn on its own length without wake.
  • Can be maneuvered sideways.
  • Stable film platform from Trans Ocean, High Seas to Calm Rivers.
  • Runs level to waterline to help maintain horizon line.
  • Beachable thanks to its shallow draft (-3ft) and jet drives.
  • Towing capabilities from racing boat, craft and light barge.
  • Deep water anchors and windlass.
  • Weather protected storage for long items such as surfboards, canoes.
  • 100+ gallon built-in gasoline tank for easy refueling of small crafts while offshore.
  • Light grey hues to lower glare on deck.
  • Can carry up to 6 TONS  of crew and equipment.
  • Large galley and full facilities as possible ‘honey wagon’ at sea.
  • 4+  large work areas in cabin for safe repairs, editing, battery charging, etc.
  • Provides 12V, 110V and 220V power for all international productions.