“Wind Warrior” –
a Direct Precursor of
Formula 40′s

Designed by Gino Morrelli as 48ft tube catamaran “White Knuckler”, Stephen after purchasing it, rigged it to be on full speed race mode which included the installation of the first wing mast on the US West Coast which meant importing its sails from France and renamed her “Wind Warrior”. She went on racing extensively on [...]

Innovative Film Platform

4 camera platforms at 3 levels to shoot from, including low on water. Wide flush decks all around boat (16ft x 8ft aft & bow). All decks and platforms outfitted for numerous tie downs, tracks and other filming equipment. Removable 42-inch tall stanchions and lifelines for full deck flexible configuration and shooting angles. Over 4+ [...]

High Performance

30+ knots Trans Ocean Cruising Speed Can be driven from full power ( 32knots + ) forward to full power reverse, as well as hover in one spot. Can make a 360 degree turn on its own length, be maneuvered sideways. 100+ gallon built-in gasoline fuel tank for easy refueling of jet skis, ribs and [...]

Stability & Flexibility

Great Maneuverability and Minimum Wake. Runs level, allowing to hold the horizon line easier and steadier. Low vibration and noise due to construction material. Shallow draft ( <1m/3ft ) and beach-able, allowing to deliver passengers, cargo and equipment to shore. Easy access to and from water from stern waterline platforms, making transfers from ribs or [...]