Conceived, designed, and built to follow, film and/or move ahead of the action, as well as shuttling between action filming sites, such as in Volvo 70’s, Open 60′s Trans Atlantic races up and down line up.

From Start to Finish Trans Ocean (High Seas) Film boat:

  • 2000 mile range for 25+ knots average speed.
6000 mile range in the teens. 
Increased range and speed with its extra fuel bladders.
Minimal wake and turbulence, at all speeds.
  • Runs level at all speed, allowing better alignment of horizon line, and comfort on board.
  • New tight weave net with new anchoring for minimum spray on deck.
  • 3 level filming platforms: 1ft, 6ft, 9ft above waterline.
  • Flexible deck for various rigging, tracks and tie downs for on-deck equipment (giro stabilized cameras, IMAX equipment, cranes and booms, etc).
  • Removable 42 inch tall lifelines and stanchions for low shots, or installation of camera rails.
  • Makes a 360 degree turn on its own length without wake.

Light grey hues to lower glare on deck.
  • Inside protected areas for working on cameras, filming equipment, charging batteries.

Support and COM boat

  • Flexible deck for customized tie down, rigging, and strapping system.
  • Can provide the likes of extra diesel fuel, large emergency pumps, medical equipment, emergency supplies, parts, and emergency transfers or evacuations..
  • Transportation of spare part including boom, mast, extra sail, etc.
  • The combination of diesel dispensing and towing capability would then allow a disabled boat to get to harbor within the shortest delay possible for safety and safety to be ready for the next race leg.
  • Any item needed that still respect the race and/or event rules can be transported and delivered.